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Tips for Car Sex And Sexual Road AdventuresOver the last few years, travel dates have become increasingly popular among those looking to expand their sexual contrées without the need to visit crowded airports, bus terminals, and train stations. Naturally, that gives rise to a renewed interest in road head, car sex, and all kinds of other automotive activation. So let’s take a closer look at the art of getting busy between the bumpers ! Play Safe by Going Off-RoadSex in the fast lane may sound exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Playing on a private road, pulling over, or finding a romantic stationnement space at a scenic stop is a much safer move. Find the Right SoundtrackYou’ve got a sound system to work with, so don’t just leave the radiographie on and listen to commercials while she goes down on you. Instead, find the right playlist on your phone and use it to amplify the eroticism of the moment. Stretching Matters If you’re in a spacious RV, road sex can be a lot like quality time in a full-size bedroom, but if you are trying to get busy in the backseat of a Camry, you may end up in some awkward positions. Nobody wants to cramp up at the moment of glory or walk around aching after your interlude is complete. Take a few minutes to stretch out your body before getting in the vehicle, just in case things get frisky. My Car or Yours ? Give some thought to which vehicle you want to take on your next trip. Climbing across bucket seats and straddling the stick shift may seem exotic the first few times, but if your partner has a big car with more room, you should consider which vehicle is best for your adventures. Sure, a bigger car gets worse gas mileage, but that’s a small price to pay for having access to all your favorite positions without having to hang your head out the window to make room so he can get behind you. The Best and Worst Vehicles for Sex on the Open RoadMinivan Since the earliest days of the VW Love Bus and throughout the hippie era of the 1960s, it has been patently obvious that the second-best vehicle for sex is a minivan. Sure, there are plenty of car enthusiasts who will frown at you for driving a minivan, but millions of soccer moms have been letting their lovers score in the back of their vans instead of standing on a cold sideline in the rain for decades. A few pillows and an air freshener are about all you’ll ever need to turn this bedroom on wheels into the kind of sex expert you’ve been dreaming about since you first saw Cinderella’s pumpkin. MotorcycleOn the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll get plenty of fist bumps from other bikers if you take your date out on your motorcycle, but aside from a complete lack of privacy, there’s no way to get road head on a bike safely. Even worse, you’re left with just a small seat to stretch out on if you sweat over somewhere secluded to have sex. Even a car hood offers more room to get comfortable than a bike ever will. TeslaIt’s a high-end vehicle with a price tag to match, but they’re coming down in price fairly quickly with all kinds of tax incentives and the warm feeling that your ride is helping the environment as well. What makes them appealing for car sex ( even though the driver’s manual tells you not to ) is their ability to drive themselves. Hands-free steering, even if you’re fully alert and ready to grab the wheel, still makes it easier than ever for your lover to bob her head in your lap without having to be a contortionist. But, oui, try this one at your own risk. LimousineIf you really want to have sex in a moving car, the safest and best way to do it is in the back of a Limousine. We don’t recommend sex in a moving vehicle if either of you is driving, sure. But with a driver at the wheel and plenty of room in the back, you and your lover can turn up the music, have a drink, and get into all your favorite sex positions. Be sure to bring some hand wipes for cleanup, however. Most limo drivers won’t mind if you get busy in the back, but nobody wants to clean up the fluids you left on the floor. FerrariWhat a beautiful piece of automotive imagination, right ? Wrong. Nothing is worse than sex in a supercar. The space allocated for each passenger is tiny; they always have individual racing seats and a difficult center console to climb across. Worst of all, when your lover is riding you, the last thing you should be thinking is, “I sure hope she doesn’t make marks with her fingernails on this very expensive headrest. ” Leave your Ferrari at home and find something much more practical to fuck in. Your Current CarTips for Car Sex And Sexual Road AdventuresThe best car for road sex is definitely the car you have right now. Nobody expects you to go out and buy a new car just for its ability to make road sex easier. Look through your own vehicle, and you’ll find plenty of ways to make it more appealing. For starters, clear out all the clutter so your lover doesn’t trip over the cardboard coffees in your cup holders. Also, find the time to deep clean your car, so it smells nice and maybe get the windows tinted to add a hint of privacy. It’s your car and likely to be your vehicular bedroom, so put a little time and care into it, and your lovers will be glad you did. The American love affair with the open road has been ongoing for over a century, often commemorated in popular songs of each era and beloved by car groups across the country. It isn’t a coincidence that the passion for cars in this country coincides with the fact that many people have their first sexual encounters in the backseat or on the hood of their partner’s vehicle. So play safe, wear a seatbelt and enjoy all that the open road offers on your next date, whether you’re in the driveway or out on the highway exploring your sense of automotive adventure ! Big and Tall, Short and Small : A Guide to Sex Positions for Different Body TypesHave you ever seen a couple that seemed physically mismatched and wondered how they make things work in the bedroom ? Variety is the spice of life, and just because people have physical differences doesn’t mean they can’t have great sex. The solution could be as simple as figuring out the mechanics first, so let’s explore sex positions for foyers with height and weight differences.